Follow these easy steps for a direct integration

Copy and paste on the page where your payment methods are displayed :


Run some tests and access the staging mode by using the following information:

For tests please call this url on the form:
  • Staging URL :
Staging Merchant account:
  • ID: 12
  • Merchant email :
  • API SecretWord :  b0ut1qu3
Leetchi Staging User (to test payment)
  • Mail:
  • Password: boutique1
Staging Credit Card (just in case)
  • Card Number: 4970100000000154
  • Expiration Date: 10/16
  • CVV: 123
The mean of payment uses a simple system of callbacks to inform you when users make purchases on your website. The value sent is the result of an MD5 signature computation made on the concatenation of following values :

  • merchant_id
  • lma_transaction_id
  • MD5 hash of the API password you provided to, in capital letters
  • lma_amount
  • status

It is your responsibility to verify that the data sent to you has not been corrupted by computing this MD5 signature yourself and comparing it to the one provided.

  • The security of this validation process is guaranted by following means: merchant_id is not public
  • API password is confidential
  • lma_transaction_id is unique
  • MD5 algorithm is secure enough
For tests please call this url on the form :
  • Staging API SecretWord : b0ut1qu3

Integration Samples

Integration sample using PHP


Receive your live information by filling out the merchant account form:
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